Raag Living - Wont refund my £2000 i paid for a tv

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i bought a tv off raag living and they didnt deliver it so i asked for a refund of £2000 and 6 months later they still wont give it back never buy off these i dont want anyone else to go through this i asked over and over again for my monet they just kept saying it will be back in your account in ten days so i had to wait again and again mr raj the manager or owner in the end wouldnt even speak to me he just ignored me and probably was telling his staff to say hes out it was the company accountant who finally said ive asked him about it and i suggest you get a solicitor because he wont give you your money back so im going through that proccess now so as i said dont buy anything off this rubbish company

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I agree with the last comment.

A *** man, always had a way of getting past the "Mr. Singh, I need to speak to you". Always said he was out of store, yet he sat in his chair waiting for the money to come in, yet no delivery. He'd get excited of selling so much, yet it came to the next day, the phone would not stop ringing.

They had the old store RAAG LIVING on the Harborne high st. (closed down), Home Sweet Home on the Bearwood road ( closed) they have another store called Wooleys, but not sure if it is closed.

I had to wait 3 whole months for my first wage, and still waiting.

I had to pull out in the end because it was getting too stressful, and i was in my last semester of college.

Good luck to the people who are trying to get their money back.


thanks for the info i got my money back the bank got it back for me is he still trading somewhere do you know and under what company



I know what you are saying raag living and wollys owned by Mr Raj

is a ***-man. While i was working there, their was a number of complaints about stuff not delivered and he used to ingore the customers or say they will re-fund the money but didnt chase it up.

There are many customers like urself getting done day by day...

He even used warner bros and DC Comices original artwork to make posters and didnt get the rights to print them.

Very Very Shady business man.... Hope he gets a big fine as he has ripped of many customers.

Good Luck.

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